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I got out of the elevator and this gentleman began playing a clip on his cell phone of a woman orgasming. To make super sure I heard it he increased the volume to maximum.
This happened 14 November 2015 at 10:35 am.

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Filming, Leering, Lewd Behavior, Positive Thinking, Public Masturbation

“Don’t suffer in silence!” – RC’s story

I was sitting across from a young man in the hospital about to leave from the Hopkins hospital to go to the metro. Something felt weird until I realized the guy across from me was filming me while having his hands in his pants and masturbating. There were other people around, but he was sitting in a position that made it hard for others to see. I was furious, called him out on it, and stared the f*ck out of him until he stopped and pulled his hands out of his pants. I called out to him repeatedly, drawing attention, kept yelling, “What? What? I can’t hear you. What are you saying? The train is too loud,” to get him to speak louder, which made him embarrassed. This is unfortunately not the first time something like this has happened, but I’ve long learned that you can’t suffer in silence and let them get away with that. I urge all allies – men and women alike – to speak out, call out this kind of inappropriate behavior when you see it. While the victim may be immobilized or unsure of what to do in that moment, we can – as a society – at least let harassers know that the people around him disapprove of what he does. Speak up – for yourself and others – and don’t suffer in silence!

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Transphobic, Verbal

“What are you?! A man or a woman?” – Eilish’s story

So I was standing on the train because I only had a couple of stops before my stop. Then this guy starts commenting at me about my looks. He said, “hey you, your outfit stenks. Your hair looks like my brevah. What are you?! A man or a woman? Bitch!” This started just after he had asked me something and I couldn’t figure out what he was saying at all. I couldn’t even figure out if it was a statement or a question.

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Groping, Leering

“he just grabs my butt” – Rory’s story

I was on a crowded bus, and a really creepy guy was standing behind me. I was about to get off, since it was my stop and he was freaking me out. I take a small step forward and he just grabs my butt and squeezes it. I wasn’t able to ride that bus again for 3 months.

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Leering, Stalking, Verbal

“Stops, stares, follows, and says” – Rebekah’s story

On my way to work -Sunday AM- a man stops, stares, follows, and says ‘you know what they say…’

I asked him ‘what do they say?!?’ To which he responded ‘once you go black…’

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Leering, Verbal

“Hot bike for a hot lady” – Dani’s story

I was leaving my apartment, carrying my bike down the stairs, when I noticed my neighbor moving. Two men were in the stairwell below me, and moved out of the way as I carried my bike down. As I passed in the entryway, one of the guys said “Hot bike for a hot lady,” then slowly eye groped me top to bottom. This kind of behavior is disgusting, but even worse to have to endure it in my own home.

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“I’m not dressed for you!” – Shawna’s story

Seriously, stop with the drive-by harassment! I hate not even getting a chance to respond. You obviously aren’t giving me a compliment or hitting on me, bc you’re going 30 mph! You’re a coward. It’s harassment. I don’t care how “sexy” you think I am, I’m not here for your entertainment. I’m a human being.

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“Hey Baby, how you doing?” – Dani’s story

I was on my bike after leaving [hardware store] stopped at a light, when an elderly man on the sidewalk started shouting at me, “Hey Baby, how you doing?”

I told him that was rude, that I wasn’t his baby, and to stop it. He then started screaming at me and I biked on when the light changed. There was a guy who was in the [hardware store] with me walking by when this exchange happened, and he kept walking like nothing was going on. I wish I could go outside without these kinds of things happening, but I can’t.

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