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September 19, 2016

“Too early for this!” – Et’s…

I walked out of [coffee shop] heading to my 8 am class and was wearing headphones listening to music. A guy walked by me and I heard him say what sounded like "morning, beautiful". I couldn't tell for sure if that was what he said because I had music playing and I didn't respond (not that I would have if I had heard it clearly). As I walked away I'm…
August 31, 2016

“It felt empowering to be able…

I was just walking into work (around 8:50AM) -- we enter our offices through a back alley that usually has people coming and going from other businesses. I saw someone walking down the alley towards me and gave a small smile and was about to say "good morning" as I sometimes do when I see people in the alley. I've never had a problem with anyone here before. He looked…
June 22, 2016

“he had followed me for the…

I was walking from the [coffee store] nearby the Metro station on New York Ave & 9th street headed to work in the morning. I had headphones on listening to music minding my own business. This man touched me to stop me as I was walking into the office building where I work. I freaked because I didn't know why he was touching me. He claimed he had followed me…


Statement of Solidarity

Dear Hollaback! Baltimore Supporters, Hollaback! Baltimore stands in solidarity with the community members and activists of Baltimore during this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with Freddie Gray’s family as they mourn the loss of their loved one and search for answers. Our thoughts are also with the families of Mia Hall, Tyrone West, Rekia … Continued

A New Year, A New Phase for Hollaback! Baltimore – INTERVIEWS

After four years of running Hollaback!, Shawna and co-director Mel are passing the torch, making way for other local feminist leaders to shine. Read the interviews below to learn more about their experiences fighting street harassment, as well as their future endeavors. And then KEEP SCROLLING to meet your new site leaders, Brittany and Leah! … Continued

Youth Hollaback!

  Thanks to a generous grant from The Pollination Project in 2013, we had the opportunity create a program for middle school kids to address street harassment in an age appropriate way. After months and months of planning, we finally had our first real workshop! Here are some photos of our volunteer Rebecca with the … Continued