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Franklin Square
September 20, 2019

New story

I was walking to work at 8:30am on W. Baltimore St. downtown. A man walked behind me yelling at me about my "black girl ass" and he was surprised to see that on a white woman. I gave him a dirty look and he kept walking along with me. He continued on and told me to take it as a compliment. I gave another dirty look, however, he went on…
Bolton Hill
August 9, 2019

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A man about to get on a lime scooter followed me and my friend and grabbed my butt and continued walking. I'm so angry that the fear for my own safety prevented me from saying anything to him. theres so much I want to say to these monsters but they know that they have the power and our fear and will walk away without consequences. The incident feels small and…
July 31, 2019

“Compliment” turned abusive

I was walking to work in a hurry and clicking through my phone when I saw an individual ahead of me, appearing to be male, dancing and yelling on the street corner. I’ve walked around the city enough to read people’s energy and knew to avoid this person. As I veered away, he said to my back, “you look very sophisticated,” I gave a head nod as I continued to…


MeToo: Past, Present and Future

1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, regardless of age, background or country. On Wednesday, December 5, join us at The Windup Space at 7:30 p.m. for a discussion about the past, present and future on ending misogyny and sexual violence in Baltimore. Panelists will share their stories, discuss … Continued

Calling You In

CALLING YOU IN: Hollaback! Baltimore is putting a call out for anyone and everyone who would be interested in taking on a leadership role at our chapter. YOU have the power to shape the conversation around street harassment in Baltimore by putting on events, participating in solidarity actions with other non-profits and social justice campaigns, … Continued

Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team Evaluation

Here’s a message from Amy at Loyola University: I have been working on the Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Evaluation, in which we are asking sexual assault survivors to tell us their opinions about services in response to their case (e.g., patrol officers, detectives, forensic nurses, victim advocates, State Attorney’s Office staff). Our … Continued