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Southwest Washington
May 20, 2017

“I said a flat ‘Nope'” –…

A friend and I were spending the day in D.C. We were about to walk down into the Smithsonian Metro Station and two men sitting nearby started calling out at us to "Smile! Smile!" I said a flat "Nope" as my friend and I continued our way down the steps.
May 10, 2017

“It was uncomfortable that he let…

I was volunteering for the film festival and I had a long walk to do alone. I made my way across the bridge back over to station north and I felt that a man on a bike was behind me. I moved over for him so there was room for him to cross the street and he said "you're just fine, I liked my view behind you on that bridge."…
April 14, 2017

“whistled at me as I was…

A man in a big blue pickup truck whistled at me as I was walking down the street during my lunch break. The top of the pickup bed was propped open. It was around 1:10 pm. I was walking along Chesnut Ave. The pickup drove past me on Chestnut and made a right, to head west on 34th Street.


Calling You In

CALLING YOU IN: Hollaback! Baltimore is putting a call out for anyone and everyone who would be interested in taking on a leadership role at our chapter. YOU have the power to shape the conversation around street harassment in Baltimore by putting on events, participating in solidarity actions with other non-profits and social justice campaigns, … Continued

Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team Evaluation

Here’s a message from Amy at Loyola University: I have been working on the Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Evaluation, in which we are asking sexual assault survivors to tell us their opinions about services in response to their case (e.g., patrol officers, detectives, forensic nurses, victim advocates, State Attorney’s Office staff). Our … Continued


Fired up? Ready to go? Good! We can’t stop at marches or protests, we have to put in the work in EVERY DAY to support ALL marginalized groups, especially women of color, Transgender folks and all the members of the LGBTQ communities, differently-abled folks, immigrants, non-Christians, etc. Wanna get involved – do more? We need … Continued