Month: May 2011

The Man On The Corner

This story was originally published on local Bmore blog Feminist Eye View. I think about the man on the corner of my street everyday. I think about him when I decide where to take my afternoon walk. When I think about what streets I need to cross to get there. And when I pick out … Continued

Anti-Hate Prom this Saturday, IDAHO today

Today is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. In light of the recent attack on a local trans woman by 2 female patrons of a Baltimore McDonald’s (which was filmed and posted online by employees who can be heard encouraging the attackers on) it should seem obvious that we have some work to do. A … Continued

Safe vs. Sexy

BY LAURA RUOCCO, originally posted for the Hollaback! Movement. Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know. Check out this awesome project!  I think it brings up a lot about the way street harassment and the threat of violence influences the way we live our lives. One of the subtle ways street harassment affects … Continued

U.K. Guys Turned Into Surprise Allies

In this op-ed for English newspaper The Guardian,  Sunny Hundal writes of a website that just didn’t sit right with him. The premise? Women (mostly) taking photos of (mostly) men and uploading them online. No, no, he’s not talking about Hollaback!, where us women & LGBTQ dare to flip the power by putting the judgmental … Continued

We’ve Got Your Back

BY EMILY MAY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR in NYC   On Saturday morning, March 6th, 2011, an email went out over our listserve from Inti Maria, our site leader in Buenos Aires. It read, “”I’d like to see her to tell her I would break her asshole with my cock” This is what a JOURNALIST wrote about … Continued

Alicia’s story: He laughed and kept walking

About 10 of us were working out outside in the square as part of a group exercise class at a Women’s Fitness Center. We had brought exercise mats with us and laid them down in a circle to begin our group exercise. A man puffing a cigarette walked through our circle (not around the circle), … Continued

Calling All Male Allies!

Men – we want to hear from you (don’t look so surprised!) Are you a blogger, author or writer? Do you have an opinion on street harassment? We’d like to hear it straight from your point of view. Write a piece on how street harassment affects the women in your life, how you think it … Continued