Anti-Hate Prom this Saturday, IDAHO today

Today is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. In light of the recent attack on a local trans woman by 2 female patrons of a Baltimore McDonald’s (which was filmed and posted online by employees who can be heard encouraging the attackers on) it should seem obvious that we have some work to do. A great first step in recognizing violence against the trans community as a hate crime, police officially charged Teonna Monae Brown, 18, with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault in the attack on Chrissy Polis. I take personal pride in Chrissy’s courage to be interviewed and help put a face to the issue of transphobia. Though it might seem logical for us accustomed to holla’ing back on the regular to come forward or go public, she never asked to be beaten or to be put in the spotlight. She just wanted some fries.

And that is it, really. The LGBTQ community just wants to live their lives, just like any of us, without fear of judgment or hate or violence. Here are some inspiring words from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that give me some hope that I will see that future in my lifetime.

Until then, to celebrate IDAHO, Hollaback Bmore!, the GLCCB and the Den have planned a fun, welcoming party for this Saturday, May 21st: The Anti-Hate Prom. Tragedies like Ms. Polis’s attack always deserve reflection, reorganization and action and we have all done our share that these past few weeks, but we thought everyone deserved a night of “free to be you and me” type fun. What better way to protest fear- and hate-mongering than to be seen in public having a really great time? Happiness is the best revenge.

This Saturday at the Windup Space we’ll have a DJ, dancing, food, themed drinks, a photo station for those awkward prom pics AND if that weren’t enough, the newly crowned QUEEN of Baltimore PRIDE Fest 2011 will be there to judge and crown the King and Queen of Anti-Hate Prom! Doors at 9pm, $5 door charge (with prom attire, $7 without). All proceeds from the night go towards Hollaback Bmore! as well as co-sponsors the GLCCB and the Den.

RSVP to our facebook event page (it has all the latest details) and be sure to share this post with your social networks and contact list.
And though Gary (GLCCB) and I will both be celebrating our birthdays, don’t bring any presents; just bring your badass self, dressed in what you wish you could have worn to prom if there were no hate, no judgment and no fear.
Hope to see you there!

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