Donations Needed for SlutWalk Bmore!



SlutWalk is finally coming to Baltimore! This global movement protesting violence against womyn and victim-blaming (sounds familiar!) was sparked by a Toronto police officer earlier this year who explained to a campus full of students “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. In response, thousands of people around the world have held SlutWalk’s in their own cities, to assert our right to dress how we please and walk where we choose without fear of assault or rape.

In order for Baltimore to have a great SlutWalk of its own, we need help paying for permits. Everyone here, as well as the SlutWalk Bmore planning committee, donates their time and resources – there is no money to help with expenses. So we’re asking you, the citizens of Baltimore, who care about the safety and security of all your neighbors, friends and family to donate whatever you can spare. $25? Awesome! $5? Just fine! What ever amount you have will be put to good use. Any funds left over after the event will be divided equally amongst local womyn’s shelters and LGBTQIA organizations.

Please Donate.


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In fact, we encourage it!

Our walk is scheduled for noon on Sept. 17th! Check our Facebook Event Page for the latest details.


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