“Harassed in the middle of the ocean”

It was the last day of my cruise and I was on my way back to Baltimore. My friend, my sister and I were all sitting in a hot tub in the indoor pool talking and laughing. Suddenly, I look up and see a tall, skinny man looking right back at us from the deck above. He was in the crew member uniform and was holding a bucket probably for cleaning the decks. He put down the bucket and started rubbing his pants in his private area and rubbing his shirt. At first I actually thought he was scratching his crotch but he kept going and then signaled for us to pull our bathing suits down. At this point, we jumped out of the hot tub and ran to find our parents and he started running in our direction. We sprint into a bar with just our bathing suits on, tell them what happened, and then we report it to security. The perverted a*hole made us stay up until 1 in the morning filing a police report. Luckily he was caught on camera, taken into custody, and deported. I know it technically didn’t happen in Baltimore but being sexually harassed in the middle of the ocean is pretty scary stuff.