Groping: Not just a NYC subway problem!

We’re fans of the xojane site, especially when they conquer big social topics in a way young girls can relate to. After sharing “It Happened to Me: I was Groped” on our Facebook page, we got a few comments from local Bmore ladies about being groped. Just goes to show it can happen anywhere, not just on a crowded NYC subway car!

Einnob’s story:  I had something similar happen to me in a liquor store with a group of 3 male teenagers. They surrounded me and grabbed my butt as a went to pass them, then they laughed. I didn’t go in the store again.


Laura’s story: I was once groped while I was riding a bicycle and he was riding a scooter. Besides being actually kind of impressed by his skills (he should join the circus!) I thought that since I had his license plate number and we could easily have ended up in a heap of twisted metal, and it happened just outside my home, that people would be interested. Oddly, my perpetrator really sped up as he fled also… I wondered what he thought I was going to be able to do on my bicycle. I had the same reaction of being kind of amused at the ridiculousness, but at the same time feeling furious and violated (and speeding up myself as if I could catch him, yelling, etc.)

So remember, when these incidents happen to you, share them directly on our website so we can geo-track them on our map! The more recorded data we have (even from anonymous sources) the easier our fight to end street harassment will be.  As for the misguided people out there with neutral intentions, they are relying on you to change their perception of street harassment. They need to know how it makes real human beings feel, and that we’re not all just ‘asking for it.’


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