Team Member Jenn: Our Exit Interview!

Our first official regular volunteer is moving away after months and months of dedicated service. Her pursuit of more love, more money, and less stress is worthwhile so we’re not too mad. Jenn was a driving force behind this years Anti-Street Harassment Day and her availability to table is the reason we were able to attend so many awesome events this year (like PRIDE!). So, if you never got to meet her, here’s a little exit interview. Read on to see her advice to those who experience street harassment, and where she’ll be taking her holla-skills in the future.



Why do you insist on making us sad by moving away?  :**(
What sparked your interest in Hollaback!? Originally it was Slutwalk Baltimore that I read about and wanted to get involved in that movement. When I learned all about Hollaback! and the rad stuff they were doing, I know I had to be a part of it!
Has your perspective on street harassment changed since you started volunteering?  Yes! I am much more aware of it now! I also feel confident that we can all DO something about it rather then accept it as a social norm.
You’ve done some great work while at Hollaback Bmore! What moments stick out in your mind as the most fun or meaningful? The mud stenciling in the Inner Harbor was a lot of fun! I also really enjoyed all the tabling we did and the diverse amount of people we met and stories that we heard about street harassment impacting them. Slutwalk Bmore was also extremely powerful marching in the street and shouting with my friends!
What do you wish you could have done differently? Had more time to devote to Hollaback! Stupid job and having to pay bills!
Even though you won’t be around to help us make them, what changes or improvements could we implement to become even more badass? Keep reaching out to EVERYONE who experiences street harassment including people of color.
Will you be taking your skills to another Hollaback!? I plan to get involved with Hollaback Richmond!
Do you know that we’ll miss you? Oh Don’t make me cry. I will miss you too!
What parting words would you like to share with all the women and lgbtq folks of Baltimore who experience street harassment? ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”  Street Harassment sucks and can make us feel pretty fucking shitty. But remember, this isn’t our fault, it is the Harassers fault. Shift the blame from us to THEM!
What parting words would you like to share with all the harassers in Baltimore? We are coming for you!


Jenn Gallienne, School Outreach Coordinator. August 2011 to August 2012. Although Jenn only moved to Baltimore in August of 2011, she has experienced countless forms of harassment as a woman and member of the LGBTQQIA community in her lifetime. She is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker with an emphasis on supporting survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and harassment. Jenn has a multitude of experience organizing and participating in social justice awareness events and she proudly led a county-wide sexual assault response team in West Virginia. Jenn is super excited to be doing school outreach to help spread the message of Hollaback! She has a cat named wasabi and an intense love for cupcakes!

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