Street Harassment at Otakon & Beyond

Street harassment happens everywhere. No matter what you wear, what time of day or where you are heading. This video is proof. The attendees of July’s Otakon here at the Baltimore Convention Center had plenty to say about street harassment. They were getting it from strangers back home AND from Baltimore, whether in cosplay or street clothes, and even from some other attendees (who you’d think would be happy enough to be around like-minded people that they wouldn’t ruin it for some fellow nerdy women). This video help shows that it is not the women or lgbtq folks who need to change their behavior, it is the harassers.

Thanks again to all those who volunteered to share their stories, on screen or off. You are flipping the power!

4 responses to “Street Harassment at Otakon & Beyond

  1. I agree all this is a violation of the rights of the victims. However it is not just women who are victimized. I often wear a skirt or dress, and I have been subjected to much of the same harassment that the women in this video reported. I am not so concerned about my safety, so usually I am able to ignore the perpetrators and not let it interfere with whatever I was doing. Usually they are just bunches of Yahoos that have had 1 beer too many. A particularly galling incident occurred earlier this summer when I was harassed by campus security at an elite NY college that, according to its own website, encourages diversity, specifically mentioning gender identity and expression. I have filed a complaint which they are still investigating, but the director of campus security basically blew me off.

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