Hollaback! Comic Book

by Rebecca Evans, Hollaback! Baltimore Blogger

I’m very into killing two birds with one stone, especially when those birds are objectifying me. Hollaback! Philly is working on a comic book about street harassment that will not only fight the war on women on the streets, but will also help create a more female inclusive atmosphere in the comic book world.

Here’s a brief description from Hollaback! Philly: “Meet Red, Yellow, and Blue, the stars of our comic book. Red and Yellow are girls who get harassed and have to figure out how to deal with it. Blue is Red’s boyfriend, and he has seen other dudes harass girls but doesn’t realize the impact, or that he can help, until Red fills him in.”

Set to be published in the summer of 2013, artist Erin Filson and Hollaback! activists Rochelle Keyhan and Anna Kegler have already raised well beyond their $5,000 goal, which will fund shipping to Hollaback! branches in 62 cities and 25 countries, setting up workshops about street harassment, creating an online “choose your own adventure” version, and putting the comic book in stores. The extra money will enable Hollaback! Philly to expand the scope of their effort even further, potentially reaching out to comic book conventions, and educators outside of Hollaback!.


I’m a big believer in the power of pop culture to transform political opinion, particularly in the vein of feminism, since pop culture is where half our problems begin. You can view a sneak peak and a video about the project on the Hollaback! Philly web site. Just because you’re wearing makeup or heels (or sweatpants) doesn’t mean you’re looking for commentary. In an interview with Campus Progress, Keyhan says, ““I would love if you could help us create that reality, instead of the one we have now.”

Note from site leader, Shawna: “We collected enough donations at our recent 2 year Birthday Bash to contribute to the funding of this comic book, which secured us 100 copies to distribute, as well as the Baltimore skyline featured on the back pages to show our solidarity with Philly. Congrats to our fellow Hollabackers on meeting their goal!”

2 responses to “Hollaback! Comic Book

  1. Hello Hollaback!

    I am so thrilled that you all are coming out with a comic book!

    I was wondering, will it be available to purchase after ComicCon, and if so, are there any pre-orders happening?

    Thank you for further empowering!!!

    1. We at Hollaback! Baltimore will have about 100 copies available for sale after ComicCon. We will have them at all our events until they sell out. If you find that you can’t make it to an event, I’m sure we can work something out! Keep in touch, we’ll let you know via Facebook and Twitter when we have them in our posession!

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