4 Quotes from 4 Famous Male Allies

by Becca, Hollaback! Baltimore Blogger

A sad majority of the men I know don’t go around proclaiming their feminism, but they do occasionally say things that make me proud, and the label appropriate. Here’s a little bit of hope – four quotes from four famous fabulous living men in pop culture.

1) Ryan Gosling (on Blue Valentine’s original NC-17 Rating): “The MPAA is okay supporting scenes that portray women in scenarios of sexual torture and violence for entertainment purposes, but they are trying to force us to look away from a scene that shows a woman in a sexual scenario, which is both complicit and complex. It’s misogynistic in nature to try and control a woman’s sexual presentation of self. I consider this an issue that is bigger than this film.”

2) Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (Rolling Stone, 1992): “I’m usually good about my temper, but all these men trying to control women’s bodies are really beginning to piss me off. They’re talking from a bubble. They’re not talking from the street, and they’re not in touch with what’s real.”

3) Beastie Boys (from their song “Sure Shot”): “I want to say a little something that’s long overdue / The disrespect to women has to got to be through / To all the mothers and sisters and the wives and friends / I want to offer my love and respect till the end.”

4) Joss Whedon (from his 2006 Equality Now Tribute Address):
Question: “So, why do you write these strong female characters?”
Answer: “Because you’re still asking me that question.”

The Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys

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