It doesn’t matter, because YOU’RE not MY type – DH’s story

I was carrying groceries home from CVS at about 11:30 at night when a dude started following me asking if I had a dick or a pussy. He got angry when I ignored him and broke away from the other man and woman he was walking with to change direction and follow me. When I finally got the nerve to turn on him and tell him it didn’t matter what I had because he wasn’t my type, he got so pissed off I hid in a nearby restaurant (Sabatino’s).

I’d like to note that the managers of Sabatino’s are not only LGBT friendly but when I told him what happened the owner told me not to worry because if the guy came in here they had a bunch of big guys in the kitchen that would take care of it. He also called me a cab and waited for it with me rather than oversee the closing of the restaurant.