I felt safe enough to be a good bystander.

At the Trans Health Conference in Philadelphia, while eating lunch outside I see a man creep along in his car & just stare at a femme in a short skirt next me. Like, ogling. Like, almost making a show of it. (they really do look ridiculous when they do that) Her back was turned and I didn’t even know if she saw him, but it was making me uncomfortable. I said “don’t stare, quit staring at her” he said “what if I don’t?” I said “then you’ll keep being an asshole”, like what is he gonna stop his car & fight me? When the light finally changed, he drove off, flicking me off. The woman said “oh, thank you, thanks for sticking up for me, I’m sure you get it too” then we exchanged goodbyes. Here’s the view from my table, showing you how close we were to the curb that the man was hugging with his vehicle.