“The Police Made Me Feel Naive” – Punky’s story

I was jogging on the trail in broad daylight and there were lots of men, women, and children on the trail and nearby streets. Walking in the opposite direction was a boy of about 11 years and half my size. He muttered “big butt” as I jogged past him. As I continued to jog, I looked behind me and saw that the boy had turned around and had started walking in my direction. When I turned around again, I saw that the boy had undone his pants and was walking toward me with his genitals in his hands. I scolded him and he froze in his tracks before walking away. I then ran to the nearest bystander for help, but he said that “these things happen.” The police later chided me for: 1) jogging alone; 2) yelling at the child; 3) asking bystanders for help. The bystander made me feel hysterical, and the police made me feel naive.