Lifted Her Up & Carried Her Away – bina’s story

Two male bouncers at [a rock club] were trying to get an intoxicated female customer out of the bar because the bar was closing. She told them she was leaving but they needed to give her some space. The two of them surrounded her and started yelling, “you need to get the fuck off this property!” She shouted back, clearly afraid, “Ok, I’m going, but don’t touch me! Stop touching me!” Despite her request, the two of them moved in at once, lifted her up without her consent, carried her away from the bar and then threw her down on the sidewalk hard, all while shouting at her, “you need to get the fuck away!”

Luckily, a friend of hers was with her to stay with her until she was ok. I heard the whole thing from my apartment across the street, went downstairs to give her a granola bar and some juice and to ask the bouncers why they had put their hands on her. One of them apologized for touching her without her consent, the other just rolled his eyes at me and walked away.