We Don’t Like Your Kind – bj’s story

Hi, someone that is still near & dear to me told me that ought to write to u & tell u my story. First off, I am a gay female. Anyway me & my ex used to go in our neighborhood bar. Well this one day we had stopped in there it had snowed. Well the bar owner was in there when we we went in & he had a water gun that he was playing with some of us that were in there.I went outside & made a snowball & came back in joking around that I was going to throw it at him. Well he then pulled out his handgun & pointed it at me. Well me & my ex left the bar after that & we knew he did that cuz we r gay. Another time her & I stopped in there & he was in there again. Well her & I were just talking not doing anything else. He came over & pulled my ex & her barstool away from me & had said this bar doesn’t like ur kind in here. Well we left again never went back. But to me that’s bullying from a homophobic bar owner.  My thanks goes to Mel for telling me to do this.


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