The Old Influence the Young – LittleApple’s story

My 17 year old cousin and I (25 years old) were walking back to my car after walking around the Inner Harbor all day. We passed by a basketball court, where there was an older man with teenagers and younger boys playing basketball. I was talking to my cousin about something, when I realized the older man was yelling: ‘Sweet heart! Hey sweet heart! SWEET HEART! SWEET HEART!!!!’
Some of the boys and teenagers chimed in, yelling for us to stop and come over, and to look at them since they were ‘talking’ to us. To our left, there were three men sitting on their porch, who also began hollering at us, asking ‘what’re you gonna’ do, ladies? What’re you gonna’ do?’ (Dude, we’re just walking on the sidewalk) I began to feel extremely uneasy, but in response simply took my camera out and shot a picture of the men sitting on their porch.

I noticed that the voices began to get louder, although we had walked by them. I turned my head and noticed that the older man had left the basketball court and was walking toward us, some of the younger boys following. I lifted my hand with my middle finger standing to attention. I held this gesture, looking directly at them, until my cousin and I reach the end of the block.

As soon as I lower my hand the older man begins barking that he will ‘kick our asses, and mess us up real bad’, although he had begun walking back to the basketball court by the time we reached the end of the block.

I was not so much disturbed by what the man was yelling to us, but the fact that some of the younger boys (some of whom couldn’t have been over eight or nine years old) were hollering at us in sexually explicit ways. I see how the mindset of the older man is perpetuated. It’s… Appalling.