Proclaim No Shame – A Poem and A Picture

UPDATE: Here’s our photo – class of 2014!

Street harassment, the male gaze, body-shame and -judgement, limiting gender roles, and all that other fun stuff can really keep us from moments like these. Moments where we sit, together, nourish ourselves and each other. Hope we can do it again next year!

PNS Final



Our guest speaker for the day was poet Tyler Vile. After she read some amazing pieces about living life as Transgender, differntly-abled, and Jewish, she suggested we write a community poem Рto be written by everyone in attendance at PROCLAIM NO SHAME . She started by writing two lines, then covering the first one up, and then passing the paper to her right. And it went on and on, so that the next person, who could only see half of what the person before them wrote, wrote their own two lines, covering up the first one each time.

It was fun, and we all stuck around until the end to hear Tyler read it aloud! Thanks everyone!

“There is no shame in the grass,
There is no pain in the pavement.
What was seeping through, evaporated.
What once only pooled has seeped through.
Seeped through, changing and transforming.
I welcome it, but I am scared for the change.
I am trying to learn to trust the Process,
but the Process doesn’t reveal it’s Process so I get stuck
in my heart, mind, and spirit, revelation! It’s time
to accept myself, be OK with the lemons
I’ve been given and make lemonade how I like it.
I’ve been learning to love someone other than myself.
It’s hard, but I’m learning not to fight it.
Let myself close my eyes and feel it and let myself be
and dissipate my particles into the air.
Then at least part of me would escape
the wall I built.
Broke into my mouth
where I couldn’t find the pieces.
I stopped playing with puzzles when I was young.
Something about having to prescribe to someone else’s idea
about how the damn thing should look.
When everything should be covered in glitter.
An artistic collective by Everyone In The World
where science and art are indistinguishable.
The melding of disciplines as it has always been
marks the spaces between lines, where
some people in some places and times realize
the inter-connectivity of All People, All Questions, and All Answers.
I try to tell myself “love me, love me” why do I see
images that make me question my self worth, love, identity?
To these, and all things dishonest, Fuck you very much!
When people tell you you’re worthless and you don’t believe them that’s resistance.
I’m tired of my existence being resistance.
A smile is worth a million words.
Beauty is within a smile.”

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