“Walking while woman is a real f***ing struggle”

I was getting groceries out of my car and simply walking to my house and this guy opening the back of a truck on the opposite side of the street says HEY BABY and I turn around confused and he waves and leers at me. So I said “HI” as loud and angrily as I could and walk into my house. I’ve also had two men yell, “DAT ASS” and other things as I was walking up to my front door, so I yelled FUCK YOU and shut my door, to which, of course, they replied “BITCH.” I’ve had a meat salesman try to pick me up while I was gardening in my back yard, I’ve had elementary age children hit on me when I take my trash out. Essentially I have been bothered and harassed going from my car to my house and in my back yard countless times, walking while woman is a real fucking struggle. I just want to feel safe. I want to not have to plaster on the hardest scowl I can when I leave my house so that no one will fuck with me.