“I was watching your back, and you’re not alone.” – RP’s story

I’ll be honest–I didn’t do much. But feel the need to say something.

I was walking out of a building near the corner of 36th and Roland (“The Avenue”). A man: 50s, white hair, bald/crew cut, wearing grey shirt, blue jeans, 6′ tall, wiry, strong jaw. He was shouting to someone on Roland, while crossing from one side to the other (from Royal Farms toward Cafe Hon), saying, “I’ll fuck whoever I want, stupid cunt dyke whore!”

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a woman move into a building further up the block. He kept marching on–away from her, thankfully. He looked like he was ready to punch someone (shoulders tense, fists clenched) and instinct said not to engage, given whoever he was yelling at was no longer there and he was moving away. I did walk ahead and then looked back to check to be sure he wasn’t moving back to follow anyone or hurt anyone. He wasn’t–he kept moving toward Falls Road.

I did see the guy later that evening, tromping up and down the Avenue like he was on patrol. He wasn’t speaking to anyone. I think I’ve seen him before on the Avenue, and people should be aware of him–those are the waters this shark has chosen to circle in.

I didn’t hollaback, and I’m sorry about that–but girl, whoever you are, I was watching your back, and you’re not alone.