“There were people around. No one tried to help me.” – Abigail’s story

Trigger warning for the following story. If you are ever searching for help after an assault or similar situation, please view our resources page (legal and support).

I was walking to the light rail at 4:30 in the afternoon. A large group of male adolescents were passing as I turned the corner. One of the boys grabbed my ass. I turned and told him he had no right to touch me. Instead of apologizing, another of the boys grabbed my chest and laughed. When I told them that I was going to call the police, proceeded to hold me as they rifled through my pockets, forced me to the ground, called me names, and stole my house keys and phone before running off . There were people around. No one tried to help me. I’ve been mugged before, I don’t care about stolen stuff, but I have to admit being touched against my will has me very upset. I’m not sorry I spoke up, I’m just sorry that these kids are a product of an environment that makes them feel so entitled to another person’s body and things.