“Focus on your job and not my mouth” – Leah Michaels’ story

I was summonsed to jury duty on April 1st. Something no one really enjoys. I stood in the security line with everyone else and put my purse in the x-ray machine and then moved it to the desk of the next security guard. He stared at me for the longest time without saying anything. I asked if he needed to look into my purse and he did not say anything and then I stepped under the metal detector. He just continued to stare at me. Then he said, “I know you have a pretty smile.” Uh! Really? I didn’t say anything and sort of made a face as I grabbed my things and began to walk away from him. “There it is,” he said. Even as the co-director of an organization that focuses on ending street harassment, and have experienced and heard countless stories, I was shocked and so freaking annoyed at this experience. Here is a tip security guard, maybe focus on your job and not my mouth. Then I actually got picked to serve on what would turn out to be a four day murder case so that did not help the situation.