Statement of Solidarity

Protesters are gathered for a rally to protest the death of Freddie Gray who died following an arrest in Baltimore

Dear Hollaback! Baltimore Supporters,

Hollaback! Baltimore stands in solidarity with the community members and activists of Baltimore during this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with Freddie Gray’s family as they mourn the loss of their loved one and search for answers.

Our thoughts are also with the families of Mia Hall, Tyrone West, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Tanisha Anderson, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Anthony Anderson, Tamar Rice and many others who’ve lost their lives due to police encounters.

Protesting represents the language of the unheard and it stems from systematic oppression among marginalized members of our society. We believe social justice means participating in open dialogues where we listen to each other and make safe spaces available.

Despite the national spotlight on Baltimore, we demand justice and fairness for all those targeted by injustice. Let us continue to work together as a community to reform, reorganize, and rebuild power systems that are currently doing more harm than good.

We love our city of Baltimore. We honor the memories of those we’ve lost and aim to protect the lives of those we have so that we may live together in a diverse, loving, and understanding world.

The pursuit of justice is not complete until every human being — regardless of who they are — is treated with dignity and respect. Yes, #BlackLivesMatter.

In solidarity,

Brittany Oliver and Leah Michaels
Co-Directors of Hollaback! Baltimore

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