“one of them got up and started following us” – Alanna’s story

I was walking home home with my sisters from an ice cream store. We walked past a group of teens, couldn’t have been older than 15, minding our own business as we always do. My sisters and I have walked past these people before with no problem, tensity, or catcalling, but never at night. Once we were about two houses down, a few of the boys started calling out vaguely disrespectful comments like “hey, white girls, come here.” When we ignored them, they began calling out crude comments like “hey girls, come eat this dick.” Shaken up, we ignored them, which became more difficult when one of them got up and started following us. The boy called out to us to stop, to come here, to turn around, to which I calmly responded with “please go home.” He kept following us, and although I live in a safe, suburban neighborhood, I immediately felt unsafe. Finally, I worked up the nerve to turn around and say “I want you to go home and think about if this is how you’d want someone to treat your mother.” The boy backed off, and I’m considering going to my neighbors house tomorrow to let the parents know.