“I just wanted to go to work” – New story

I was walking to my unit to work dressed in my uniform when men that the hospital had hired from a staffing agency started whistling and talking about how big my breast were. The ring leader said when you gonna let me tap that. When I ignored him he said to the others “This b***h thinks she’s betta than us, I should take her right here”. I sped up trying to get away from them and he tried to block me. Swerving around him to try to get away, I slipped, fell and injured my back, hip, knee. The Hospital tried to send me back to work. They took no x-rays or test. They said that I might have some tissue damage but I’d be OK. And beside “I should be use to that kind of language and talk because I hear it in my neighborhood all the time”. No sorry, or empathy at all. Since incident [hospital] has done everything to cover it up, fire me and block helping me with my injuries. I almost wish I didn’t speak out about the harassment, I didn’t ask for it. I just wanted to go to work, and now I’m stuck with injuries that make working difficult. My advice is be true to who you are. But, if you speak up about being harassed especially if you are of a certain ethnicity, you most likely will be thrown in the dump.