“I am sick of not being able to just leave my apartment … without being harassed” – LWG’s story

We live on a busy thoroughfare so getting verbally harassed when I leave the house has become expected.

This morning, I was already running late for work, had spilled my coffee, had to change, etc. I usually just ignore the jerks who hang out of their car windows trying to get my attention when I leave my apartment and walk quietly to my car (also parked on the main street.)

But this morning, I had had it. I left the house and some dude in one of those blue sedan service/taxi cars is literally hanging out of his window flagging me down, yelling “Hey sexy! Hey sexy! Hey beautiful, where you goin” and without thinking I yelled back “Shut the Fuck up!”

And of course that set off the “bitch this” and “bitch that.” He said “I know your (either “face” or “place”) now” and indicated I would be sorry for not accepting his “complement.”

I was scared but kept walking and I suppose he drove off (he was driving on the other side of the road.) But still, he has seen me apartment and car now. I am pretty sure nothing will happen, but still, I am sick of not being able to just leave my apartment to go to work without being harassed and, now, threatened.

And the worst part? I find myself thinking things like “But I am dressed in a blazer and work pants,” and that is so sick because I should be able to leave the house wearing a f-ing bikini and not have someone hollering at me. The fact that I have internalized this victim-blaming is sick.

So that is why I’m sharing my relatively story–so that I, and other women–don’t ever feel like they brought any of this upon themselves. I wish I had taken a picture of him, and next time I will. I am so grateful for this project.