“He called me a ‘bitch’ because I told him to stop following me” – Eilish’s story

I was walking passed the Visitors Center at the Inner Harbor when I saw a guy in head to toe camo and under my breath I said, ” isn’t the war over already, allegedly?” Then suddenly the guy was instantly following me so closely that he might as well have been walking on top of me. I tried to walk away from him calmly and silently. But he followed my every move. Finally I made eye contact with him as I turned around and I took out my ear buds that I had been listening to music with quite loudly and told him to stop following me or else I would beat him in the ass. Then he said, “you’re a bitch!” and ran off like a scared mouse from a cat. I called after him, “your mother should have used birth control you useless piece of scum!” He continued to run away. I don’t regret anything that I said or did and if I see him again I will take a picture of him and since this is twice in two days in this area that I will now be carrying pepper spray so that I can blind creepers like him.