“this incident is a normal occurrence and i wish it wasn’t” – Kristen’s story

As I was walking to the grocery store in broad daylight in the middle of the day on 5/16/16 a man in a white van with very dark tinted windows, (including driver and front passenger windows), passed me as I walked along Old York Road and stopped slightly ahead of me. He rolled his driver side window down partially as I passed him on the passenger side and made it clear that he expected me to get in. When I kept walking and would not, he yelled “Forget You!”. A car had pulled up closely behind him waiting for him to keep driving and several people had approached the area on a cross street which made me feel safer than if I had been alone. I’m not posting this because this is an out of the ordinary occurrence for walking a few blocks to the grocery store. I’m posting this because this incident is a normal occurrence and i wish it wasn’t.