“Walked up too close to me and, looking me up and down” – Kiva’s Story

I went to a few restaurants/bars in this area on a Sunday afternoon. I was approached on the street by a man who walked up too close to me and, looking me up and down, said, “I wouldn’t mind walking with you.” I declined, and told him I was headed in somewhere up ahead. He grumbled his disappointment.

Later, I was walking back to my car when a man called across the parking lot, “Hey, you! Pretty feet! Yeah, you! You got pretty feet!” I was the only person in the area I could see, though I didn’t look behind me to see him. When I didn’t respond, he said “Hey, I’m talking to you! Why you don’t wanna talk to me? Hey!!”

I quickly got in my car and left. I can’t decide if I was right to not look back and see what he looked like (same guy/would that matter?), or if it was best I provide the least possible response.