“I continued to yell and tell him to leave me alone” – New story

I was on my way home from a morning run. a truck full of men passed me in the opposite direction and honked and hollered at me. I gave them the middle finger. several minutes later I see the same truck approaching me again. they had rolled around the block to approach me once more. the driver pulled the truck over, turned off the engine, and then got out of the truck. he then crossed the street to approach me. I stopped and faced him and said spoke very very loudly so everyone who might be around could hear me. I asked what the fuck he thought he was doing and why is he following me. he told me he wanted to walk with me to the end of the block and talk. I continued to yell and tell him to leave me alone while everyone in the truck is observing and laughing. I finally walked away. I managed to get a picture of the truck. I called the number on the side of the truck and reported the incident.
Blue 4 door pick up truck