“i cant even go to the gas station without being harassed”

I have been going to this gas station next to my house for years. There is a clerk there who i try to avoid but sometimes i need go fill up while hes on duty. He started out like “oh i like your shirt” or “i like your hair” but tonight he looked a little intoxicated andjust stared at me then i was like “ok i have to leave now can u give me my change?” And he wouldnt and just kept saying “i have an erection, you are so beautiful i love u” i stepped back asked for my change again and said im in a hurry and he ignored me and kept repeating how he wanted to “love me for an hour or forever” i said “no thanks my girlfriend is in the car and i just need a receipt and change” to which he responded “girlfriend?!” With a disgusting look on his face and he kept going with his nasty comments so i ended up leaving without my change and with my night ruined. So frustrating as a woman i cant even go to the gas station without being harassed or made to feel unsafe.