“No, I don’t want a “ride.” Put your dick away!” – Stacey’s story

Was leaving the DC eagle after a party (late late night), waiting for a car along with other folks doing the same when this guy pulls up in and asks me and my gf if we need a ride. I say no, we called an Uber already. He says, “that’s alright. Where y’all going?” At this point I’ve only been looking him in the eyes, as humans tend to do when they are talking to other humans, but now I notice that the guy has been holding and stroking his dick the entire time he was seeing if we were interested in a “ride.” I told him to put his dick away, and we were not interested in any sort of ride with him. Even then, he did not leave right away, which bothered me the most. Instead he threw his hands up in the air as if to say “c’mon, why you be stuck up like that.” That’s when I pulled out my phone and said oh, I guess since you got your shit out it must mean you wanna see it on camera! And I started snapping pics. He put it away as soon as I was pointing my phone at him and after grumbling finally drove off. It was creepy and gross af, and I got the sense he was just driving around this area looking for women to expose himself too or try to “lure” in his car. Watch out for this wanker, and if you do unfortunately run into him, tell him to smile pretty for the camera!