“Compliment” turned abusive – Brytani’s story

I was walking to work in a hurry and clicking through my phone when I saw an individual ahead of me, appearing to be male, dancing and yelling on the street corner. I’ve walked around the city enough to read people’s energy and knew to avoid this person. As I veered away, he said to my back, “you look very sophisticated,” I gave a head nod as I continued to walk. Behind me, I could hear him yelling angrily, “That was a compliment and you didn’t even say thank you. I could have said you’re ugly with that hoe-ass haircut. You’re a dumb bitch.”

There were many men around on the sidewalk and as I was getting further and further away, I wished that someone had said “that’s not okay,” or at least asked me if I was alright.

It takes all my energy away from my work when things like this happen on my walk from my car to my building and this is, at minimum, a weekly occurence for me.