Tote Magazine – “Baltimore Ladies Find a New Way to Hollaback!” featuring Leah and Brittany January 2016


City Paper – “Stop calling me ‘Baby’: Baltimore activists campaign against street harassment” quoting Brittany Oliver. December 8, 2015


Warnock Foundation –  Brittany is chosen as a winner for the Summer 2015 Baltimore Social Innovation Journal.


The Baltimore Sun “Technology aids ‘peeping Toms,’ makes trauma worse for victims” – Director Brittany Oliver gives her thoughts on troubling recent incidents of voyeurism in Baltimore. Mar 29, 2015


The Towerlight “Calling Out Street Harassment” – Founder and Advisory Board Member Shawna Potter is interviewed for the “My Name is not Baby” event she spoke at hosted at Towson University. Mar 30, 2015


The Baltimore Watchdog “Hollaback to end street harassment” – Founder and Advisory Board Member Shawna Potter is interviewed for the “My Name is not Baby” event she spoke at hosted at Towson University. Mar 28, 2015


The Johns-Hopkins NewsletterHollaback! Baltimore works to counter harassment” – Brittany and Leah are interviewed for JHU workshop on street harassment. March 26, 2015


Watch Co-Director Mel Keller speak to WBAL about the Eric Garner case and how she believes that getting police body cameras is not a solution to racial profiling and police brutality. Dec 04, 2014


techpresident  “Civic Tech and Engagement: Can Hollaback’s Storytelling Make For Safer Streets?” – check out this very thorough primer on the entire Hollaback! movement, including quotes from Baltimore co-directors Shawna and Mel! Nov 24, 2014


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cnnmoney“5 Apps to Help Change the World” – site leader Shawna Potter is quoted in this story about how the free Hollaback! app empowers folks who deal with street harassment. June 27, 2014


SSH_logo_horizontal_highres-web“‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’ Comes to Baltimore” – Baltimore’s own SSH correspondent, Brittany Oliver, recounts the week STWTS came to our town, participating in two co-sponsored events between Hollaback! Baltimore and Open Walls. Apr 30, 2014




Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast on WYPR,  “Safer Streets, Safer Spaces.” Site leader Shawna was interviewed about our Safer Spaces Campaign. You can listen here if you missed the live airing Apr 14, 2014



SSH_logo_horizontal_highres-web “Hollaback! Baltimore Launches The Safer Spaces Campaign” – we got some love from SSH correspondent Brittany Oliver for our latest campaign. Thanks for the shout out! Mar 3, 2014


mainHOLLAnewlogo  “2013 State of the Streets Report” – Check out all the amazing work the Hollaback! movement did this year, including a giant picture of some of our Baltimore team! Hooray! Dec 3, 2013


SSH_logo_horizontal_highres-web  “2013 Report on SSH’s Work” – Check out #9d for our big collaboration with SSH this year. We’re also included in a list at the end of this post with 100 people and groups who gave substantial time, work, ideas, expertise, and/or money to Stop Street Harassment  in 2013 because they, too, want to live in a world where everyone can safely navigate through public spaces. Dec 20, 2013


Campaign ChronicleChampions of Change” – Read up about our sister site Hollaback! Chennai and how they have adapted our Safer Spaces campaign as part of the 2013 Prajnya Campaign against Gender Violence. So cool! Nov 25, 2013


New York Times “A Worldwide Fight Against Street Harassment” – “Hollaback [has trained site leaders around the world] “to pair storytelling with on-the-ground action” to expand public awareness of street harassment.” Oct 21, 2013


logo“Hollaback! Bmore presents Cruel & Unusual”  – “We think it’s a really important documentary for the entire community of Baltimore to see, not just LGBTQ folks, so we can connect all of our struggles for equal rights, equal opportunities, and freedom from gender- and race-based violence.” Sept 20, 2013


ThinkProgress: We helped our friends FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture pull a prank on Playboy by helping the Top Ten Party Commandments go viral. It’s a play on the Top Ten Party Schools that Playboy is known for, but instead FORCE put healthy sexuality and consent at the top of their list. Read about the method to the madness here.  Sept 17, 2013

Indypendent Reader: “Terrifically Two: Hollaback! Baltimore Reflects on its War Against Street Harassment” – a recap of our recent birthday party, and our thoughts on the future of Hollaback! Baltimore. Includes an audio interview. Mar 4, 2013


Escape Velocity Radio “interviews Shawna Potter of Baltimore hardcore band War on Women (and founder of her local chapter of Hollaback!) about music, feminism, activism, street harassment and more.” Download the podcast or just listen online! Dec 3, 2012


Our site leader Shawna just participated in a panel for The Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University in DC, hosted by SMPA director Frank Sesno, on the role of social media and media in preventing violence against women. Other panelists include Liriel Higa, who leads Half the Sky Movement’s social media initiative, Nancy Schwartzman, Founder of The Line Campaign and Circle of 6 iPhone and Android app, and Caroline D’Angelo, the Pulitzer Center’s social media editor. Check out “The Role of Social Media in Ending Violence Against Women.” (Shawna joins the panel at minute 24:35)

Dec 4, 2012


Indypendent Reader: “Justice for Pussy Riot!: An Interview with Shawna Potter of Hollaback! Baltimore and War on Women” Oct 22, 2012


The Evolution of Perspective with host Ellen Gee – listen at around the 30 minute mark for an interview with the Hollaback! Bmore team.

Listen to internet radio with Ellen Gee on Blog Talk Radio


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North Baltimore Patch: “Cat Call to Arms” Humor columnist Mike Moran takes a look at how Baltimore women are taking a stand against “street harassment” Feb 3, 2012



Here’s our site leader Shawna discussing the reason for rally on this Fox45 News broadcast about September 2011’s Baltimore SlutWalk.


Look what we just found! Just days after our launch, we braved a cold Hampden morning to spread our message to the city. February 16th, 2011


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Push Record Play: Video from the big launch party – check out clips from performers War On Women, Thrushes, Me & This Army and comedienne Luce Tomlin-Brenner! Feb. 21, 2011


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b free daily: “Fighting back: Stepping into the world of self-defense” Jan. 31, 2011
See HB! Director Shawna Potter in the second photo studying some new moves.