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Am I safe? – Sarojini’s story

It was mid-September, a beautiful Wednesday outside. I was craving some banana bread, but I needed a small bottle of rum to complete the recipe. I live a block away from the local liquor store. I looked at what I was wearing-running shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops- I already had a feeling that … Continued

“I just wanted to go to work” – New story

I was walking to my unit to work dressed in my uniform when men that the hospital had hired from a staffing agency started whistling and talking about how big my breast were. The ring leader said when you gonna let me tap that. When I ignored him he said to the others “This b***h … Continued

“You’re lovely, but…” – RP’s story

While this isn’t the usual catcall or stalking crap, it still find myself reluctant to leave my home alone (not that I have much choice) and feel unsafe at the moment walking outside because I don’t want to deal with this again. I figured that warranted share. I’m leaving a building and an older woman … Continued

Youth Hollaback!

  Thanks to a generous grant from The Pollination Project in 2013, we had the opportunity create a program for middle school kids to address street harassment in an age appropriate way. After months and months of planning, we finally had our first real workshop! Here are some photos of our volunteer Rebecca with the … Continued