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Free of Suggestion – guest post

by Madeleine Buck, who recently created and donated a quilt square to FORCE’s Monument Quilt project.   Every city dweller periodically finds themselves wondering whether they’ll be able to go out in public without having to deal with a stranger’s commentary, and the common solution is to barely acknowledge or ignore any unsolicited appraisals of … Continued

HOLLAween: No Shame, No Blame

It’s Halloween! From spooky to sexy, there are so many ways for all ghouls to celebrate, and there’s something in this holiday for everyone. However, for a lot of us, Halloween means harassment—on the streets, at parties, just walking outside in costume. We’re expected to look sexy, even if that’s not our thing, and we … Continued

A Vulnerable Community Keeps It Private

written by site leader, Shawna We recently visited Project PLASE, a transitional housing and support services facility for those who have experienced homelessness and are looking to break the cycle. Our goal was to conduct video interviews with women and LGBTQ folks about street harassment, and the unique ways that people with insufficient housing might … Continued

Not a Piece of Meat – Alisha’s story

This isn’t the only time I’ve been sexually harassed but it’s one that I’ve never talked about and really weighed on my mind. I identify as queer but when I was in school I came out as lesbian. For the most part this didn’t change the way people treated me but one boy who had … Continued

Meat Market – J.’s story

I am from Baltimore County, but just recently moved to the city to start attending school. I decided I’d check out Lexington Market and pick up some groceries. I didn’t know I’d be getting a bunch of street harassment along with my pork chops and potatoes. Granted, I know that every time I go out … Continued

A Healthy Expression of Street-Harasser-Frustration!

The latest mental disorder SHF (or Street Harasser Frustration) has few remedies. The cure is less street harassment in the world. Until scientists come up with the eradication cure, women, girls, and lgbtq folks are forced to administer their own treatments. Here is one such treatment, courtesy of the girls from St. Francis Community Center: … Continued