Category: Leering

“So I snarled” – Tracy’s story

Had my giant furry hood up because it’s still cold. A man came from behind and swoop from the side to get a good look at my face, so he was close enough for me to see his eyes light up as he spewed words. He walked with me, so I snarled.

“I’m only 13” – New story

So I was just in the car with my mother on my way to the city. I was sitting on the backseat to the left and I looked over and saw two men sitting in a sedan. the man sitting closest to the window smiled at me and then made a V with his fingers … Continued

“he just grabs my butt” – Rory’s story

I was on a crowded bus, and a really creepy guy was standing behind me. I was about to get off, since it was my stop and he was freaking me out. I take a small step forward and he just grabs my butt and squeezes it. I wasn’t able to ride that bus again … Continued