Category: Leering

“Hot bike for a hot lady” – Dani’s story

I was leaving my apartment, carrying my bike down the stairs, when I noticed my neighbor moving. Two men were in the stairwell below me, and moved out of the way as I carried my bike down. As I passed in the entryway, one of the guys said “Hot bike for a hot lady,” then … Continued

“I felt someone watching me” – Dani’s story

I was waiting to cross the street, and I felt someone watching me. I didn’t look, but saw the guy as he turned the corner in a car. He was a middle-aged Hispanic man who was making kissing faces at me. I gave him the finger, and he laughed and kept doing it and drove … Continued

“The passenger hung out the window” – Dani’s story

I was on the way to the grocery store, waiting to cross the street, when I noticed a red pickup about to go through the intersection roughly 50 ft away heading towards me. The passenger spotted me, hung out the window and was yelling things at me through the intersection and down the street. Even … Continued

“Hitting on literally every woman” – Mel’s story

Is “creepy” an option?? This guy was sitting in Mt Vernon Square today and hitting on LITERALLY every woman who walked by. Shortly after I sat down, he got up and (I thought) left. A few minutes later, though, he walked back over and he was looking straight at me and smiling. It was one … Continued