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“Man Here” – why are people like this?

I was walking around Mt Vernon at dusk to get some light exercise. Just after I crossed Read St going north on Calvert, a small car sitting at the light honked rapidly. I kept walking, but when the light changed, and the car turned onto Calvert, pulled up alongside me, slowed down to match my … Continued

Am I safe? – Sarojini’s story

It was mid-September, a beautiful Wednesday outside. I was craving some banana bread, but I needed a small bottle of rum to complete the recipe. I live a block away from the local liquor store. I looked at what I was wearing-running shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops- I already had a feeling that … Continued

” If you’re reading this, thanks again.”

I was walking along the sidewalk when a disheveled man who had been lingering at a bus stop made his way across the street towards me. First he petitioned me for money. After I replied that I didn’t have anything, he said, “Well do you know when the buses are supposed to run?” No, I … Continued

“Attempted to open the doors” – New story

I had just gotten into my car parked on Calvert Street after a yoga class and as I was easing out of my parking spot, two high school boys came up to my car doors, (front and back of driver’s side), and vigorously attempted to open the doors, which were locked. They attempted for about … Continued

“So I snarled” – Tracy’s story

Had my giant furry hood up because it’s still cold. A man came from behind and swoop from the side to get a good look at my face, so he was close enough for me to see his eyes light up as he spewed words. He walked with me, so I snarled.

“Longest 2 hours of my life!” – new story

Male in his 20’s followed me from Fort Totten metro station to Wheaton station. Then proceed to follow me through the mall and into a [department store]. Finally I went to the security office to report the man. He left when he realized that they were looking for him. Longest 2 hours of my life! … Continued