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“I felt objectified and unsafe.”

Stay away from this person! He likes to approach people in the park or on the street and present himself as a nature-loving, soap-making farmer, but in reality he is sexist and abusive. At first he seemed like a nice guy but at the end I felt objectified and unsafe. Stay away and stay safe!

Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team Evaluation

Here’s a message from Amy at Loyola University: I have been working on the Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Evaluation, in which we are asking sexual assault survivors to tell us their opinions about services in response to their case (e.g., patrol officers, detectives, forensic nurses, victim advocates, State Attorney’s Office staff). Our … Continued

Youth Hollaback!

  Thanks to a generous grant from The Pollination Project in 2013, we had the opportunity create a program for middle school kids to address street harassment in an age appropriate way. After months and months of planning, we finally had our first real workshop! Here are some photos of our volunteer Rebecca with the … Continued

“Hey cutie pie” – phone app submission

I was walking back to work after getting lunch. I  hear, “Hey cutie pie”, yelled out of a guy’s car window. I said, “Don’t say that” and he said “But you’re a cutie pie” as he drove off. He said it in such a disgusting way, like I was child. Seriously, I felt infantilized. I … Continued

Take Our Street Harassment Survey!

Be Part of an Internationally Coordinated Survey on Street Harassment In collaboration with our partners at Cornell University, Hollaback! now has a comprehensive, international survey about street harassment! This survey will allow for unprecedented data collection and analysis on street harassment, including data specific to us here in Baltimore! We need YOU to take the … Continued