Category: Verbal

“Man Here” – why are people like this?

I was walking around Mt Vernon at dusk to get some light exercise. Just after I crossed Read St going north on Calvert, a small car sitting at the light honked rapidly. I kept walking, but when the light changed, and the car turned onto Calvert, pulled up alongside me, slowed down to match my … Continued

“Compliment” turned abusive – Brytani’s story

I was walking to work in a hurry and clicking through my phone when I saw an individual ahead of me, appearing to be male, dancing and yelling on the street corner. I’ve walked around the city enough to read people’s energy and knew to avoid this person. As I veered away, he said to … Continued

“Ick” – Leah’s story

I guess spring is here. Yesterday, I was walking to my car after a lovely evening with a friend in Mt. Vernon. It was still broad daylight and a man I passed decided to say the following “I like your toe nails but I love you titties” he said some other things but I zoned … Continued

Am I safe? – Sarojini’s story

It was mid-September, a beautiful Wednesday outside. I was craving some banana bread, but I needed a small bottle of rum to complete the recipe. I live a block away from the local liquor store. I looked at what I was wearing-running shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops- I already had a feeling that … Continued

” If you’re reading this, thanks again.”

I was walking along the sidewalk when a disheveled man who had been lingering at a bus stop made his way across the street towards me. First he petitioned me for money. After I replied that I didn’t have anything, he said, “Well do you know when the buses are supposed to run?” No, I … Continued