Category: Verbal

“some people only see you as a sex object” – Rose’s story

A gross old guy approached me as I was speedwalking to class from work. He looked me in the eye, said “I like the way them titties are bouncing up and down.” I kept walking but yelled “f— you, a–hole” over my shoulder at him. It’s hard to concentrate on school when you’re reminded that … Continued

“big, long winter coat and boots” – Amanda’s story

Walking to a meeting at City Hall in a big, long winter coat and boots. Young guy walking in the opposite directions looks at me and says “Baby I would TEAR THAT ASS UP!” I didn’t look at him and just kept on walking :-/ [got_back]

“give him the finger” – Sarah’s story

Guy at stoplight hollered at me as I crossed the street in front of him. Long cross walk. By the end of my walk I decided to give him the finger. He told me to I should stick it up my ass and maybe I’d feel better. [got_back]