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Harassment Is – Blog, vlog, tweet, post, or email your story of what #harassmentis, and how it’s different for you because of your visible and non-visible identities. Check out the report that set it off, “Harassment Is: An exploration of identity and street harassment” inviting you to practice recognizing how people’s identities and oppressions overlap and how that can affect how they walk down the street.

“Dear John,” Letters to Street Harassers – Wish you could have responded more thoroughly? Here’s your chance.

Cats Against Catcalling – They’re really just not into it.

Said No One Ever – Great example: “It really put a spring in my step when a car load of men asked to see my breasts. Said no one ever.”



Previous Events in 2017


Feb 18 – Sharptooth’s “Clever Girl” Album Release Show (7PM – 1AM) [The Raven Inn, 8636 Loch Raven Blvd]


In celebration of the release of Sharptooth’s first full-length album, “Clever Girl”, we’re having ourselves a rager. Mosh, activism, delicious eats, community outreach, ridiculous decorations and a few suprises, all in one show. There’s something for everyone!

6 bands for $5
Sharptooth – B-more raging bitchcore. With cowbell. Also, gingers!
Firestarter – New York post punks bringing that gritty angst. Also, hey look, another ginger!
Repressed – Heavy. Like, fucking HEAVY. Like… idk what else to tell ya bro, they’re just real damn heavy. You’ll probably die.
Hydra Kyll – Shreddy chuggy noodly progressive metalcore homies with big hearts and even bigger snapchat stories.
Bereave – Hm2 Juggalo Slam Aka too many Jakes Aka Tumbles & the Showdroppers.
Supreme Ritual – Old dude from your favorite 90’s emocore band riffs some bangin’ metal with a buncha kids

We will also have representatives from our sponsors in Feed The Scene (who have probably housed like, all of your favorite touring bands), as well as Hollaback Bmore, an incredible organization fighting the good fight to end street harassment.