Safer Spaces Campaign


Hollaback! Baltimore is working to build a network of supportive non-threatening environments within our city.  Each venue, cafe, club, collective, and/or business below has signed the Hollaback! Baltimore Safer Space Pledge, aligning their space with this campaign, as well as declaring their commitment to ending harassment against women and LGBTQIA folks. If you experience gender-based harassment or violence while in these spaces (or anywhere with our official Safer Spaces Poster) the staff should take you seriously, deal with the harasser, and offer support resources if you need them. You can show these local businesses your appreciation by going to a show, having a drink, or buying a bagel!

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Current Members:IMG_6534b

Baltimore Clayworks

Baltimore Free Farm

Baltimore Rock Opera Society

Big Crunch Amp & Guitar Repair

Charm City Art Space

Invisible Majority

Joe Squared – Station North & Inner Harbor

Ladyfest 2014

Red Emma’s


The Greater Baltimore Urban League (Saturday Leadership Program)

The Ottobar

The Sidebar

Metro Gallery

Baltimore Hackerspace

Wide Angle Youth Media

The Crown

Feed The Scene

Baltimore Improv Group

Baltimore Annex Theater

Baltimore City Green Party

The Nevermore Haunt

Baltimore Bike Party


…and we are in talks with many more! This list does not include all the “unofficial” trainings, talks, and workshops we have held around the city. We have worked with the staff/members/representatives of places like the UMBC Women’s Center, Towson University’s Center for Student Diversity, TurnAround, and AmeriCorps.  We also retrain Pledge Signers after staff turnover, upon request, and anytime training materials have been updated by us.


Don’t live in Baltimore? Our Founder and Safer Space Coordinator, Shawna, would be happy to travel to your group or venue to teach the same great workshop. Every workshop can be tailored to your group’s specific needs. Get in touch with her directly at [email protected] to book her services.


Watch Shawna and Mel from Hollaback! Baltimore outline our Safer Spaces Campaign. We talk about our inspiration for the campaign, and the specifics of working with local bars, nightclubs, and other venues to ensure that they respond to harassment and support victims. Filmed at HOLLA::Revolution 2014.





This is the pledge that every venue listed above has agreed to uphold. They pledge to:

  • Post the “Safer Space” poster provided by Hollaback! Baltimore in a prominent place for all employees/staff/volunteers and attendees/customers to see
  • Take complaints of harassment, discrimination, and violence against customers or staff seriously
  • Remove any offending parties from our space
  • Ensure our staff, particularly those responsible for security, are aware of our policies
  • Use the resources given to us by Hollaback! Baltimore to better understand the issues at hand as well as the best methods for dealing with them
  • Inform victims of their right to share their story publicly and anonymously on Hollaback! (via the website or free phone app) by handing out informational postcards


Poster Design:
Kristen Argenio at Ideal Design Co.



Street Harassment is sexual harassment in public spaces from strangers. It’s a pervasive form of gender-based violence, affecting women and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA) communities.  Approximately 90% of women worldwide have reported experiencing sexual harassment at some point in their lives. This reality severely limits women’s and LGBTQIA folks’ freedom of movement in their own communities, causes high levels of anxiety, and serves as a reminder that society still casts them as second-class citizens. The constant threat of (or escalation of) violence can often prevent those who are harassed from “standing up for themselves” in the moment – whether it’s on the dance floor, mosh pit, or in line at the coffee shop.



Everyone has the right to feel physically and mentally safe, supported, and respected. By signing the Hollaback! Baltimore Safer Space Pledge, you show your clients, customers, attendees, and your entire community, that hateful or discriminatory behavior, actions, or language will not be tolerated in your venue/place of business. The pledge states that everyone within the safer space has a responsibility to uphold its values.




Back in March of 2013, our sister site in London shared some inspiring news with the HOLLA-community. They had just formed a partnership with Fabric, a local club that was tired of hearing second-hand that women were being harassed in their venue. There are many reasons why women and LGBTQIA folks might not report street harassment to security: fear of victim-blaming, not being taken seriously, possibly experiencing more harassment from typically male staff, and frustration at interrupting their good time to report it. By going the extra mile and partnering with Hollaback! London, and pledging to remove harassers from their venue, Fabric has shown their community that they prioritize the safety and comfort of their female patrons. Upon hearing this, we in Baltimore said, “Why not us?”


“I’m so glad we got to be a part of this and grateful for this training.” – Chelsea Gleason, Red Emma’s



In our effort to create a safer Baltimore, we work directly with a venue to ensure their current employee guide and/or security policies are comprehensive and sensitive to the specific needs of those who experience gender-based violence. We require each venue to go through an in-person training session on how to respond to complaints of harassment and ensure women & LGBTQ folks feel safe. After signing our pledge, each venue is given a packet of resources to help them keep their space safer, including (but not limited to) simple do’s and don’ts, background on the issue, the official Hollaback! Employer’s Guide to Ending Street Harassment, and a poster to hang publicly, allowing all who enter to see that if it’s unwanted, it’s harassment.


Want to join the campaign? Contact us at [email protected]

Thanks to a generous donation by the Research Associates Foundation at the end of 2014, we were able to retrain two locations, add one new location, and educate staff and students at the UMBC Women’s Center about making their space safer. You can donate here to help us continue our efforts!



What are people saying about the Safer Spaces trainers and the trainings?

  • She gave a very thorough and informative explanation of street harassment and the importance of the victim being heard
  • Very engaging!
  • Entertaining
  • Interactive
  • Very informative
  • A relaxed (presentation) style
  • Open discussion
  • Great program!
  • Made the material accessible and approachable
  • (They kept) it light while still tackling fairly heavy issues
  • (She) made the presentation very relatable and relevant and participatory
  • A very important issue was discussed in a really cool way – the same way we should address victims!
  • …straight to the point and no B.S.