Workshops & More




Our workshops are tailored to you! Street harassment 101 is our most popular workshop, but depending on your  needs, we can add elements of bystander intervention, safer spaces, and self-care. We also offer a DIY Activism workshop. We can work with you on any time limitations, and we always try to ensure audience engagement.



Panel Discussions

Need an expert with an opinion? Our Advisory Board Members and Co-Directors can speak to such issues as street harassment, gender-based violence, intersections between sexism and racism, using social media for social change, DIY activism and organizing, human rights, creating safer spaces, bystander intervention, and more.

Co-sponsoring Events

Need a co-sponsor? We’d be happy to help spread the word about your events that relate to gender-based violence in some way.


We have a great group of volunteers who would be happy to table at your next event. We bring resources on street harassment, free treats, and an ear for listening. To ensure we serve all communities who experience street harassment, we make sure to collect stories on the spot for those without access to the technology needed to use the Hollaback! website and free phone apps.


To book anyone at Hollaback! Baltimore for any event, email [email protected]