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Free of Suggestion – guest post

by Madeleine Buck, who recently created and donated a quilt square to FORCE’s Monument Quilt project.   Every city dweller periodically finds themselves wondering whether they’ll be able to go out in public without having to deal with a stranger’s commentary, and the common solution is to barely acknowledge or ignore any unsolicited appraisals of … Continued

Listening for the Dissonance of Harassment

Guest post by Hollaback! Baltimore volunteer, Matt If every person walking down the street could be considered a musician, their existence adding a new melody line to the symphony of a city, then a convention with cosplayers is a unique piece of music to experience. Characters from eastern and western animation, video game heroes, and … Continued

I felt safe enough to be a good bystander.

At the Trans Health Conference in Philadelphia, while eating lunch outside I see a man creep along in his car & just stare at a femme in a short skirt next me. Like, ogling. Like, almost making a show of it. (they really do look ridiculous when they do that) Her back was turned and … Continued

Hollaback! Supports Healthy Masculinity

In the twenty-first century, no brand, company, organization, or movement is complete without some visual representation. The Healthy Masculinity Action Project is no different. Now, with the “I Support Healthy Masculinity” icon, you can promote healthy masculinity and the Healthy Masculinity Action Project. The Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) is a two-year national movement to … Continued

U.K. Guys Turned Into Surprise Allies

In this op-ed for English newspaper The Guardian,  Sunny Hundal writes of a website that just didn’t sit right with him. The premise? Women (mostly) taking photos of (mostly) men and uploading them online. No, no, he’s not talking about Hollaback!, where us women & LGBTQ dare to flip the power by putting the judgmental … Continued