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Youth Hollaback!

  Thanks to a generous grant from The Pollination Project in 2013, we had the opportunity create a program for middle school kids to address street harassment in an age appropriate way. After months and months of planning, we finally had our first real workshop! Here are some photos of our volunteer Rebecca with the … Continued

Gropescape? Nopescape! – phone app submission

I was checking out the arcade room at Gamescape (Artscape). The room was dark other than the light emitted from arcade machines. I was holding my 14 month old daughter when I was groped from behind. The room was dark and I was so taken aback I didn’t think to accost the young men behind … Continued

New Facebook Cover Photos!

Check out these awesome designs by supporter Sarah Foye. Now you can tell the virtual world that you don’t stand for street harassment, you Hollaback! at it! Download directly from this post , our multimedia page, or see all 7 designs on our Facebook page!

Throwing Bricks at Bitches – Pamela’s story

I always experience dealing with pushy overly aggressive men who disrespectfully approach me…I could tell stories for DAYS but I will tell only two. I was touched by your chalk writings on the sidewalk that I saw at the harbor…so much so that I took pictures of them on my phone and searched for the … Continued

You’re Too Pretty: Street Harassment, Illustrated.

Happy Winter! Less people leave the house in cold weather, leaving less of a chance to be street harassed, so here’s hoping your chilly weekend is a pleasant one. Enjoy this comic from A Softer World and laugh the frustration away! Thanks to Hollaback! Boston for the heads up.