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A New Year, A New Phase for Hollaback! Baltimore – INTERVIEWS

After four years of running Hollaback!, Shawna and co-director Mel are passing the torch, making way for other local feminist leaders to shine. Read the interviews below to learn more about their experiences fighting street harassment, as well as their future endeavors. And then KEEP SCROLLING to meet your new site leaders, Brittany and Leah! … Continued

The verbal harassment has to stop – phone app submission

I do not live in the Baltimore area, I actually live in Springfield, Va. and the verbal harassment on the streets is almost as bad as any place else. Men here wink, and say the same things as the video seen by Hollaback! organization. I hope it can be decreased or stopped all together. Note … Continued

I love the city, not the harassment – Cece’s story

On a short trip to and from the library on the corner of North and Pennsylvania I was verbally harassed three separate times. The first was a man crossing the street who kept asking me to go for a walk with him and said “I *like* white girls.” On the way back I heard comments … Continued

“He put his arm around my waist” – phone app submission

The other day I was along around with my friend. We’re both teenage girls and we were mid-conversation in a large space that was crowded but not immediately around us. All of a sudden a guy walks up right next to me from behind, put his arm around my waist, pulled me CLOSER and said … Continued

A Healthy Expression of Street-Harasser-Frustration!

The latest mental disorder SHF (or Street Harasser Frustration) has few remedies. The cure is less street harassment in the world. Until scientists come up with the eradication cure, women, girls, and lgbtq folks are forced to administer their own treatments. Here is one such treatment, courtesy of the girls from St. Francis Community Center: … Continued