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One Small Step – Guest Blog Post!

Guest blog post by our volunteer, Corrine: So I’m hanging out in a bar with some friends. It’s happy hour. People are drinking. We’re talking, we’re laughing, we’re having a good old time. Everything is great. Then out of nowhere this guy comes over to my friends, grabs my crotch, tries to kiss me, and … Continued

Summer Safety

Guest blog post by volunteers Tegan & Corrine   Summer; warm weather, a glorious time to be outside, enjoying the outdoors, going for walks, sitting out under the sun. At least, until someone decides to invade on your private space in a public area. Street harassment (being harassed or assaulted in a public space) unfortunately … Continued

Lifted Her Up & Carried Her Away – bina’s story

Two male bouncers at [a rock club] were trying to get an intoxicated female customer out of the bar because the bar was closing. She told them she was leaving but they needed to give her some space. The two of them surrounded her and started yelling, “you need to get the fuck off this … Continued

Harassed by the Security Guards – Chelsea’s story

I was with two of my friends [ed. note: at a club] and one of my friends happened to be in the cross-fire of an absurd amount of harassment, about 5 incidents over the course of the night. The first few incidences of harassment came from the [venue’s] security guards, who inappropriately touched and grabbed my friend’s … Continued

Bad Santa – Nancy’s story

What is the last thing you want to see on your way home from the bar during the holidays? A Santa with no pants, masturbating right outside your driver side window as you wait for a green light. Let that sink in:….Santa hat…red track jacket…no pants. So be on the look out! [got_back]