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“Yuck.” – Caitlin’s story

I was on a crowded purple route bus going north at around 5pm on Saturday. I, and many others, were standing (we were all packed in pretty tight), when my butt was grabbed. I turned to look who had done it, and it was an elderly man (maybe 70?) who then proceeded to pat his … Continued

“he just grabs my butt” – Rory’s story

I was on a crowded bus, and a really creepy guy was standing behind me. I was about to get off, since it was my stop and he was freaking me out. I take a small step forward and he just grabs my butt and squeezes it. I wasn’t able to ride that bus again … Continued

“I felt angry and unsafe.” – Sarah’s story

This could be considered a little thing, but at the time I felt unable to say anything, so I wanted to reclaim my voice and share my story here. I was taking the Circulator yesterday. Three middle-aged men got on. One was slurring his words to the point of unintelligibility while taking swigs out of … Continued

I hate the MTA more and more

I ride the 8 bus to and from work every day. That bus is never on time and it’s never clean, and yet it’s one of the best lines in the city. The intersections of North and Greenmount, 33rd and Greenmount, and Glennwood and York Rd are always busy and a little intimidating for a … Continued

Uncomfortable Bus Ride – Ke’Asia’s story

The other day I got on to the bus (44) heading home. I went to the back and took a seat. I overheard the guy behind me (directly behind me, basically on my neck) talking on the phone. He is saying things like “I would **** her,” “her ass is huge,” etc. Just explicit things. … Continued

Trigger Warning for Racism – Sacha’s story

A few years ago, I was waiting at a bus stop with my infant son and I asked a guy if a certain bus would take me somewhere. He responded and yelled out, “I hate Niggers. Niggers. Niggers. Niggers…” I just walked away quickly with my child. I did not know that racism still existed … Continued